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Próspera Zone in Honduras Recognizes Bitcoin as a Unit of Account to Enhance Economic Autonomy

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Bitcoin in Próspera Zone

The Próspera Zone for Employment and Economic Development, a special economic zone located on the island of Roatan in Honduras, has officially recognized Bitcoin as a unit of account. In a significant move, the zone’s tax commissioner, Jorge Colindres, made the announcement on January 5th, aiming to provide more financial and monetary freedom for individuals and businesses operating within the zone.

Recognizing Bitcoin as a unit of account allows the popular cryptocurrency to measure the market value of goods and services in Próspera. Previously, in April 2022, Próspera had taken the pioneering step of adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, following a similar move by neighbouring El Salvador. However, classifying it as a unit of account represents another milestone in cryptocurrency adoption and establishes Bitcoin as a standard monetary unit for economic activities.

While the recognition has been implemented, Colindres acknowledged some technological limitations currently preventing utilizing Bitcoin for final tax payments. Tax liabilities determined in Bitcoin must still be reported in U.S. dollars or Honduran lempira. Once issues are resolved, taxpayers will report and settle liabilities directly in Bitcoin. However, the announcement signals Próspera’s continued commitment to integrate cryptocurrency into its economic system.

Bitcoin in Próspera Zone

To utilize Bitcoin as a unit of account, entities must submit a notice within 30 days of the relevant tax period to Próspera’s tax commission. The notice should reference an approved cryptocurrency exchange where the market value can be referenced, such as Coinbase or Kraken.

This establishes a formal legal and regulatory framework for classifying and reporting economic activities and taxes in Bitcoin. While final payments remain in fiat currency temporarily, accounting and assessing value now incorporates the leading cryptocurrency. It provides a standardized process for participation and oversight.

The framework displays Próspera’s aim to establish progressive rules enabling further cryptocurrency adoption. Previous moves like adopting Bitcoin as legal tender also showed a pragmatic approach balancing innovation with stability. The overall regulatory environment has attracted over $100 million in investment and created thousands of jobs since the zone’s 2020 launch.

Continued leadership in Latin American crypto regulation

Bitcoin in Próspera Zone

With neighbouring El Salvador blazing the trail as the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender, Próspera now leads similar special economic zones in pioneering additional integrations. Its recognition of Bitcoin as a unit of account opens the door for other jurisdictions to consider incorporating cryptocurrencies into the economic system.

Próspera tax commissioner Colindres has described the zone as one of most competitive in Latin America due to pro-business policies and environmental stability compared to unrest elsewhere in the region. Ongoing developments like this latest Bitcoin classification confirm the zone intends to solidify its position at the forefront of progressive yet sensible cryptocurrency regulation internationally. Próspera seems poised to realize an even greater degree of cryptocurrency utilization as technological barriers ease over time.

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