The Potential Crypto Sensation of 2024 – Interest Gathers Steam!

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As the crypto markets surge, interest in Bitbot’s presale is building as it sets out to champion the cause of retail investors.

Riding the wave of increased Telegram popularity, Bitbot’s mission is to empower everyday traders by offering institutional-grade tools in a more secure, non-custodial, accessible format, and therefore turning the tide in favor of the individual investor.

The Bitbot presale will start on the 17th of January. Crypto communities are eagerly awaiting the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, within a niche sector already boasting a $350 million market capitalization.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot is a Telegram trading bot created for all experience levels. Since it offers a non-custodial wallet, it does not need to hold users’ assets or private keys. It is a huge advantage as many competitors retain control over these critical elements, leaving their users vulnerable to cyber-attacks, as seen in incidents such as the Unibot hack and the Banana Gun controversy, where a bug in the contract code caused serious issues.

Bitbot is different in that it integrates seamlessly with well-known cold wallets, providing a level of security typically reserved for institutional-grade tools. It is bolstered by its partnership with Knightsafe, a digital asset self-custody services leader. Knightsafe’s approach is open-source, transparent, and decentralized, ensuring users’ assets are protected with the utmost integrity.

Notable features include Bitbot’s ability to allow users to copy-trade successful wallets. This feature is particularly attractive to those wanting to learn to trade with a powerful yet simple solution, reducing reliance on luck or speculative hunches by letting new traders copy those with the most impressive trading portfolios.

Furthermore, Bitbot incorporates an integrated referral program that empowers affiliates to receive an impressive lifelong 15% payout from fees generated by referred traders. It presents an exciting opportunity for those enthusiastic about sharing the news to establish potential passive income streams.

How does Bitbot work?

Signing up and starting with Bitbot is a breeze; those at the beginning of their journey to learn how to trade are in good hands. Users can create a new custodial wallet with a single click and are allowed up to three free wallets. 

Created by ex-Wall Street traders and blockchain experts, the security of users’ assets is paramount for Bitbot and something that it prides itself on. 

In particular, Bitbot’s wallet management is revolutionized by MPC-custody with Knightsafe. MPC (Multi-Party Computation) is a keyless system that replaces traditional private keys with separate key shares created by multiple non-trusting parties. This system ensures that no single party can access or view the entire key, providing unprecedented security and privacy.

Safety is further enhanced with anti-MEV (Miner Extractable Value) features, protecting users from bots that exploit blockchain transactions for profit. Additionally, anti-rug features safeguard investors from scams, where project teams abscond with raised funds, leaving a worthless asset behind.

Could Bitbot be the crypto sensation of 2024?

Bitbot embodies this spirit of empowerment, aiming to level the playing field by offering retail traders institutional-grade tools within a non-custodial framework.

The choice of Telegram as Bitbot’s platform is strategic; with its 800 million-strong user base, Telegram is already the go-to forum for the crypto community. 

Traditionally, Telegram trading bots have wrestled with balancing convenience and security. However, Bitbot breaks the mold by harmoniously blending these aspects. It offers an elegant, non-custodial trading solution enhanced with proprietary AI, making it a secure yet user-friendly option for traders looking for a safe and efficient trading solution.

As we look towards the rest of 2024, marked by pivotal events like Bitcoin halving in April, the stage is set for a potential bull run, providing further positive signs for avid investors. The demand for efficient and secure retail trading applications is expected to skyrocket in such a climate. 

Bitbot, with its unique features and timely entry into the market, is well-placed to ride this wave entering Q1 of 2024. 

Final thoughts: What does the future hold for Bitbot?

The Telegram trading bot market was a success in 2023 that nobody saw coming. This niche sector is already seeing collective trading volume surpass the $5 billion mark. Major players in the space, Unibot, and Banana Gun, saw their tokens surge roughly 1500% and 300%, respectively, in 2023. Given Bitbot’s superior capabilities, who knows where the BITBOT token could go in 2024?

With its state-of-the-art security, user-focused features, and a keen eye on market trends, Bitbot is poised to become an indispensable asset for traders and investors ahead of a prolonged crypto market bull run in 2024. Consequently, significant profits for new investors should be anticipated.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.


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